How is a Home Remodeling Project Calculated?

March 24, 2023

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Kitchen remodel gets back to the studs as new windows are framed and new electrical and plumbing are roughed in

There are many factors that need to be considered when your home remodeling project is calculated. Your location, the uniqueness of your project, specialty skills required, and additional contractors are just some of the things that affect your costs for projects such as basement remodels, home additions and renovations.

Contrary to popular belief, a home remodeling project is not calculated by some simple formula, compared against a national average or priced at the going rate. Therefore, it is unrealistic to think your custom home remodeling will absolutely fall within the national average posted by some of the most popular home improvement sites.

Why are posted averages of home remodeling projects misleading?

The big companies that occupy the first spaces you see when doing a search are not in the business of contracting your job or running a small local construction company. They want you to submit your contact information so they can sell your name, number, and address to multiple small local contractors for $85 – $150 each here in the CT and MA area. This is why they typically underestimate the cost of projects and use numbers that are not indicative of the real costs in our local area of CT and Western MA. It is in their best interest to make you think a project is more affordable than it may be, enticing you to submit your contact information.

As a small construction company who deals with these companies regularly, we see times when a homeowner is surprised by a quote after researching this information. The unfortunate result is that the project they are dreaming of is well above the posted “averages”. This can be frustrating to both the contractor and the homeowner.

What factors affect the cost of my home remodel and renovation project?

The areas of Western MA and CT are known to have a higher cost of living in general and therefore everything that goes into a project is always priced higher. This includes materials, labor, insurance, gas, waste disposal, permitting, advertising, taxes, as well as several other costs associated with running a home improvement and remodeling business. This undeniably has a substantial and direct effect on the final cost of your project. This makes it difficult to simply compare your desires with a national average.

Another factor that drives the cost of your home renovation is the construction plan specificities and uniqueness. Every project is customized in some way. Planning, permitting, extra time and specialty skills required to complete a project can all lead to price increases. For example, if you need certified plumbers, excavation, cranes, electricians, and heating contractors for your project, you can expect to see a price increase. The amount of difficulty in the construction directly determines pricing.

Material selections and availability are both significant contributors in any project. For example, a bathroom vanity and fixtures can run anywhere from $350 to $4500 or more. Most selections such as counters, molding, flooring, tile, doors, etc. all have similarly substantial differences in cost. The choices you make regarding material selections will certainly drive your home remodeling costs.

Although this article certainly does not touch on every factor related to the cost for every project, you can see that pricing a home remodeling project is far from a simple one-size-fits-all national average.

At Platinum Construction LLC in Western MA, we make a conscious effort to price jobs according to our customers’ needs, dreams, and individual budgets. This is what drives our process and pricing. We look at every unique detail of a project and calculate our costs based on time and materials. We find it very important to talk about the homeowner’s budget early in our relationship. This allows us to offer something that works, avoids unwanted surprises and extra charges, and fosters the trusting relationship on which we pride ourselves.

We offer many options for our projects, and always price jobs fairly for the both of us. There are no surprises with Platinum Construction LLC – it is our promise, and our customers always enjoy a superior experience that exceeds the gold standard in our industry. So instead of relying on national averages and the often web-based betrayal spun by many information selling companies, we highly recommend contacting us directly about your dream project. We promise to do our very best to make your dream space become a reality.

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