The Steps to Finishing A Basement

June 2, 2023

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At Platinum Construction, one of our favorite remodeling projects is finishing a basement. When we first arrive in a basement, it is often dark, concrete, cold, and being used as a cluttered storage space. When we are done refinishing the basement, it is an amazing transformation.  Our clients have just added warm, highly usable and substantial living square footage to their home. In this post I want to share some details about what is involved in finishing a basement.

What is your vision for your remodeled basement?

Our process begins with learning about your vision and objectives. Why do you want the space and what will you use it for? These are driving questions to be answered at the start. Refinishing a basement can achieve many goals. Do you need an office, a bedroom, a recreation room, bar, or a movie theater? At Platinum Construction we consider those two questions to be the most important of the project and urge our clients to consider the answers right up front.

Once you have a solid answer to the fundamental driving questions, it is time to give us a call. This call will begin with a discussion about those answers, as well as some additional technical questions to better understand the project. It is good to have an estimate of the total square footage of basement space you are finishing. We will also want to know if you want a bathroom, the overall height of the ceiling, and how many rooms, walls, and doors you might like. It is always a good idea to note any major obstructions you could see getting in the way of your new space as well. Upon answering those questions we will present you with a general range that the project will cost. We do offer a couple of different options for finishing basements based on your comfortable budget. Once we both have decided that we are a good fit for this building and remodeling relationship and the project is within your budget comfort range, we will schedule a consultation for the project.

What are the specific considerations for your refinished basement plan?

At the consultation we ask all major stakeholders to be present. Here we will take measurements, discuss finishing options and special touches. This is where we begin to visualize your basement finish. At that time more questions will be asked, and a rough sketch of the spatial dimensions will be made. This is a great opportunity for you to discuss your personal preferences for colors, furniture layout, TV and audio in wall mounts, outlet locations, bathroom layout, ceiling options, and many more details about the remodel. It is a great idea to give some thought to these things before the consultation. We recommend you spend some time in the space with everyone involved making either a physical or mental note of your desires for the newly finished basement. It also helps to research finished basement photos for features and colors you like. If you need help visualizing your future refinished basement, we also offer detailed architectural planning and 3D visualizations for your project. At Platinum Construction LLC we understand that a large project such as this is only as good as the planning and preparation put in.

After the consultation, a final price for your basement refinish will be determined based on what you have told us. It will be shared with you in a contract for e-sign. This will include all pricing, a general start and finish date, as well as a payment schedule. Once you have reviewed and accepted by signature, we will formally secure the start of the project.

Upon contract signature we will put together the necessary documentation and drawings in order to apply for the building permit with your local town. We will also begin to contact sub-contractors required to help complete the project. This will likely be an electrician, and plumbing and heating if necessary. These specialty licensed trades are required for the project. Platinum Construction LLC will perform the majority, if not all of the rest of the project. During this phase we will begin to source the required materials for the project as well.

What are the construction steps for refinishing a basement?

Once the building permit is issued, work can begin. On day one of the project, Platinum Construction will collect the first payment according to the contracted payment schedule. We will ask that the area to be finished is clear of everything. Sometimes there are things that can’t be moved such as a pool table, but we ask the majority of the basement space be clear. On day one, we will have materials and begin the framing process, which is the first state of construction.

Next is insulation, rough plumbing, heating, and electrical. At this point there will likely be an inspection from the town building inspector. After Platinum Construction LLC has the go ahead we will continue with closing in the walls and ceilings, and installing any doors that may be needed. We will then move onto flooring, and finish work that usually requires some or all of the following: Baseboard molding, door trim, quarter round, and possibly crown molding. There are some projects that also require custom work such as kitchenettes, bars, islands, quartz work, shelving, or other unique finishing touches. During your basement finishing these things will be
worked into the schedule at the appropriate time. Once we are at the correct point, the plumbing, heating, and electrical will be completed. This could include sink, shower, vanity, baseboard heat registers, thermostat, plugs, switches, and lighting. On most of our projects painting is also performed, and is generally the last thing before completion. Once all phases have finished, Platinum Construction LLC will thoroughly inspect the project before final approval by the building inspector. As you can see, there are many steps to reach this point, and this is certainly where our professionalism, experience, and character shine through.

We will then collect our final payment for your home improvement project. We encourage clients to address any questions they have about anything throughout the process immediately. We pride ourselves on our ease of contact. If you see something you don’t like, or simply have questions about it, don’t hesitate to point it out or ask. If after the remodel you notice something wrong, or not working properly, do not hesitate to reach out and we will promptly address your
concerns. At this time we know that we have gained a lifelong relationship, and will look forward to working together with you and your friends and family on future home improvement projects.


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